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Company search services

For many of the world’s leading financial and legal businesses, Online Company Info provides a flexible range of company search services designed to provide the company information that’s really needed - in a lot less time and at a price that’s more competitive.

An up-to-date set of company accounts, the very latest annual return, a current list of shareholders or directors’ details … whatever kind of official company information you’re looking for, whatever the jurisdiction and wherever it is in the world, you can depend on OCI to find it for you.

And we’ll tailor our service to suit the specific requirements of your business: original company documents, summary reports, AML and KYC compliance packages, in-depth commentary and analyses … however you want the corporate information presented, that’s the way we’ll provide it.

Of course with company searches being conducted across 100s of different corporate registries around the world, you might also want it translated into your primary working languages. That’s not a problem, our multilingual translation services will handle that for you as well.

Here’s an illustration of just some of the global company information search services provide by Online Company Info:

Company documents

  • Certificate of incorporation or its equivalent
  • Memorandum and articles of association, bylaws or equivalent
  • Company appointments
  • Shareholders
  • Company returns
  • Financials
  • Change of company details

Company reports

  • Business name
  • Company number
  • Date of registration
  • Trading status
  • Company address
  • Share capital
  • Director’s details
  • Senior personnel

AML packages

  • Certificate of incorporation or its equivalent
  • Comprehensive certificates of change of name and re-registration
  • Most recently filed annual return
  • Latest filed accounts
  • Details of any pending proceedings filed (i.e. insolvency, dissolution, change of name, etc)
  • Details of any insolvency notices published in the major international gazettes.

To discuss your global company search requirements, use our contact form to email us, call us on +44 (0)20 3086 8454 or place an order using our online order form.